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  • javadev2090
    started a topic Serverless Search Engine in JS

    Serverless Search Engine in JS

    After huge time has been spent on various tech stack, i am planning to go with JavaScript Search engine with Angular/Vue.js/Meteor/React as front-end

    Choice of javascript client side storage is below

    1) IndexedDB
    2) JScene
    3) LargeLocalStorage
    4) ydn...
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  • JS Code Is Not Copying Text-Window Content

    I want any words that are typed into a text window at the bottom of the screen to be instantly mirrored/copied into a second text window (as the words are typed, not after clicking a button) that's at the top of the screen without erasing the contents of the second window.

    Right now...
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  • jakesons
    started a topic Html form issues!!

    Html form issues!!

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to make a form for text template, using JavaScript and html.

    There is following text (example): "Bill went to PLACE and sold_or_bought product_name to John."

    Instead of values in italic I would like to insert my text. So...
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  • WebSocket question regarding a deeper understanding of the data flow


    I understand that when you initiate the first handshake with the server, all the connections flow to the client.
    I have already built an app that communicate with websockets but here is a problem I am finding difficult to resolve.

    The server(third...
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  • MD2709
    started a topic WP hover effect

    WP hover effect

    I have two columns with text inside.
    Currently, text is black and background white.
    I want to achieve that when I hover over it - Change both text and background color (text to white, and background to blue).

    How to do that?

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  • How to code a simple picture-showing tab

    OK, here's what I'm trying to do: I'm basically building a bunch of photo albums in HTML. Pretty typical layout, with a page of thumbnail images and captions. Click on an image and you get a blown-up view. Kind of like Flickr's scheme, if you're familiar with that.

    I've been able to code...
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  • crne
    started a topic Vertical alignment of text in bottom of columns?

    Vertical alignment of text in bottom of columns?

    Hi there,

    I have 3 columns in my HTML, each column has a text block of variable length above an "Explore" link at the bottom. The "Explore" link should appear at the bottom of each column no matter the length of the text block above it. So if one column has a longer...
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  • ronc0011
    started a topic Why doesn't this wook/

    Why doesn't this wook/

    Can you see why this isn't working...

    Using a .css file...


    calling the css like...
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  • SilviaTodorof
    started a topic Html Editor Problem

    Html Editor Problem


    A company designed a website for me and left couple of mistakes unsolved. I do not have any idea about the website programming languages. Please help me by answering the following questions (please see the image):

    (1) How can I convert this editor to English?
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  • dennisr1998
    started a topic HTML and CSS help needed :(

    HTML and CSS help needed :(

    Hey everybody!

    I am currently working on creating a website with HTML & CSS.
    The intention is that an image will come as the entire background.

    The image does contain text, but here something needs to be added.
    When I add the text, it is displayed correctly...
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  • Which is better htmlspecialchars or htmlentities for language text


    I have set up my document language class and rather than have the text in the page, i call it from the class. This way if someone wants to edit the text they dont have to mess with the core file. It does have some html inside of it but no js, i will be making sure that all js is ripped...
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    Last edited by durangod; Jun 26, 2019, 07:29 PM.

  • benjaminfernmoo
    started a topic border and padding around div

    border and padding around div

    I am struggling to code the following div section. I want to add padding around the text so there's a space between text and border, but I can do it! Any help appreciated people.

    <div class="divTableRow">
    <div class="divTableCell">
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  • Getting text character count from div


    here is the console log of my div

    //output is:
    <div id="textcontent" style="height: auto;">
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  • Fin
    started a topic Script won't run when I'm off the page

    Script won't run when I'm off the page

    I have a script on a webpage that adds a typewriter effect to a sentence. The problem is that when your aren't actively looking at the page it doesn't write. This is a problem as i have a very long text that needs to run in a certain time, so leaving the page messes things up a bit.

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  • Doctor T
    started a topic Centering Text

    Centering Text


    In a PHP page, I have the following code:

    <td colspan=2 style="vertical-align: top">
    <p style="margin: 10px; font-weight:bold; font-size:125%;">
    <span style="text-align: center;">Learn...
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