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  • FreshKode
    started a topic New Website being re-routed

    New Website being re-routed

    HI, new developer here.

    Working on a site for a dog boarding business.

    The site, carvercanines.com, has been being re-routed to a random, spam-looking site. Appears to happen mainly using mobile browser or when texting the URL to someone.

    I've purchased an...
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  • MeganGR
    started a topic Site for Buying Instagram Followers

    Site for Buying Instagram Followers

    My team and I have been working on this site for a long time. Now we need someone to evaluate our efforts. Have a look at the site and give your feedback, please.
    Thank you!
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  • MD2709
    started a topic Two problems building a website

    Two problems building a website

    I'm creating a website for my client.
    But, I have two problems.

    1. She provided me only FTP credentials, not cPanel (hosting is on 1and1).
    So, is there any way to open cPanel with FTP?

    2. I thought to build her a website somewhere else, and...
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  • Responsive HTML5 Parallax site mobile version needs 2 small fixes

    From Google:-

    Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 2 Mobile Usability issues:

    Top Issues

    The following issues were found on your site:

    Clickable elements too close together

    Text too small to read

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  • tinabi
    started a topic Review Site

    Review Site

    Hello! Can you guys give your honest feedback on this site? I think the design looks great but I might be biased. The site is https://engineerwarehouse.com.
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  • How to modify a Blogger widget to display iframes instead of posts?

    Hi all, new user here and new to html. When a site we used to use closed, myself and others set up our own site. We're absolute novices though and starting with just a basic Blogger layout, we've since managed to implement a third party theme and tweak it roughly to suit our purposes. I've made some...
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  • nathandev
    started a topic Website problems?

    Website problems?

    My site http://cryptolinks.com server IP address could not be found.


    Is this a known issue at the moment? i haven’t found anything about it online. Can you guys tell opeing this for your site that does it open fine or have the same DNS issue....
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  • Using Firefox, but I want a link to open in Internet Explorer

    My preferred choice of browser at work is Firefox. This works for almost all websites or apps I need to use/visit. However, there are a few apps we use that won't work on Firefox that we have to use Internet Explorer to open.

    I made myself an HTML menu for the sites I use most often,...
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  • Anyone built a 2FA using a prebuilt API

    I was thinking about adding 2FA to one of my sites, however i dont know anything about using JSON or NODE JSother than when i use it in AJAX.

    I found this and wondered if anyone has used it to build a 2FA, more specifially TOTP Time Based One Time Password.

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  • vinodwebratna
    started a topic Request to Review my Health care site

    Request to Review my Health care site

    Hello everyone. I just completed my development of health care site. please review it. Here is the link: https://livayush.com/
    Livayush is the Best Place to find all beauty related products like hair and eyelash serums, shampoos, hair removal creams and many more.
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  • mark4man
    started a topic Photo Collage in Bootstrap...possible?

    Photo Collage in Bootstrap...possible?

    hello again...

    [didn't see a forum for responsive site design here, but...]

    not talking about a responsive grid here, where images are fully separated from each other & fixed in their own block...but rather a typical photo collage, similar to magazine page design, where...
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  • Question about similar named site

    Question, does The Coding Forum have anything to do with this site (CodingForum) ? I ask because when you google Coding Forum i always used to get this one, but now it shows the other one (The)
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  • Looking for a review of the website bharatpages.in

    Hello Community,

    How are you all. I would like to get some of your feedback for the site which I had recently launched related to Business Directory.

    The basic aim of the website is to provide relevant business information, contents, Job related information in india.
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  • Why so few members and so many guests?

    Today I log on and find that there are 159 users of the site, 2 members and 157 guests. I find this odd. Why so few registered members and why do so many people visit the site but do not wish to register as a member?
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  • joesstuff
    started a topic Review our site

    Review our site

    Would love any feedback on our website redesign here!

    There are still a few missing pages that we are finalizing, but would love any input on the overall design and functionality of the site. It's designed for a B2B audience. Feel free to provide blunt feedback good or b...
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