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  • unknowncode
    started a topic Script or Software to manage users
    in PHP

    Script or Software to manage users

    I am working on an application and part of the requirements is to restrict the number of users that can log in based on a license. So on install, I will provide a license that allows for 10 user accounts to be created.

    If the client requires 50, a different license will be provided that...
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  • PHP script stopped working when moved to a new server running php 7.3 - no idea why

    I went over to a new server and found that my script stopped working. I have spent over 5 hrs in total on the phone with the hosting company and we could not find out why. The script ran originally on a server that had version 5.6 of PHP enabled. The new service has 7.3. Since the individual who coded...
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  • aubrey1989
    started a topic on-air script
    in PHP

    on-air script

    hi guys i'm just wondering
    would you say this code is going through a schedule?

    PHP Code:
    exec('curl -X GET "" -H  "accept: */*"');
    $test2 json_decode($testTrue);
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  • kiwis
    started a topic Page Timeout

    Page Timeout

    I'm writing a game script.

    Every 5 minutes (exact time to be confirmed) I need the game to stop and run a bunch of pages (let's call it the 'end of month tidy up'). I can't make is a server script as it only runs when the user is playing. I also want it to stop and only start again when...
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  • alex_2000
    started a topic Reposition a JavaScript with CSS

    Reposition a JavaScript with CSS

    I am trying to reposition a Javascript located inside the body of an HTML document.

    I tried applying some CSS to the script tag, but it does not work. As an example, please see the code below.

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  • kneoradio
    started a topic Help needed

    Help needed

    We have a website that uses Time of Day Image script to show what is playing now and a repeat of the script as script B to show what is coming up next. Around 7-8pm every day of the week it quits following the script and defaults to the first image at the very top of the script. Then around midnight...
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  • jeddi
    started a topic Preventing DoS attack on login script
    in PHP

    Preventing DoS attack on login script


    I've been thinking of my logon script and how it could be susceptible to a denial of service attack.

    So, I have added a table to store the IP address.

    Is this a reasonable approach ?

    PHP Code:
    *  login.php
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  • durangod
    started a topic Simple question about composer
    in PHP

    Simple question about composer

    I have been trying to learn about composer for awhile today, i get alot of what its about and what it does for us (or supposed to). I get that the the two files it creates really takes alot of the fuss work out of doing it manually. I get alot of it.... including its easier to update libs with it....
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  • durangod
    started a topic Adding dynamic data to script

    Adding dynamic data to script


    I have this script from cdnjs cloudflare that is a simple cookie notification popup bar, and its so easy i wanted to add it to my software. What i am trying to do here is set a dynamic data var and have it use that for href instead of the static value.

    Look at the content:...
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  • Fin
    started a topic Script won't run when I'm off the page

    Script won't run when I'm off the page

    I have a script on a webpage that adds a typewriter effect to a sentence. The problem is that when your aren't actively looking at the page it doesn't write. This is a problem as i have a very long text that needs to run in a certain time, so leaving the page messes things up a bit.

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  • Script working in browser but not in emulator

    Hi all.

    My first topic here. I'm having trouble with a script. I'm no js expert and still in the process of expanding my knowledge. The script seems to work fine within browsers (tested IE, FF, Chrome) but I need to implement the html page into an application which according to the documentation...
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  • Google Says My Recaptcha's don't validate

    I'm not a professional programmer, but I went to school for it many moons ago. I created a script that would be universal for our web designer who had no programming background.. she would modify the variables in the top of the below script and upload it to the site. The script is called via the ajax...
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  • Sandel1
    started a topic Save input data to text file.

    Save input data to text file.

    Hello, i have a problem.
    why is not my data saved in a txt file?

    https://hastebin.com/zeyamakaco.xml - html
    https://hastebin.com/iwodadaden.xml - script
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  • Sandel1
    started a topic progress bar problem

    progress bar problem

    Hello, i need help with my code.
    how do I activate the progress bar after completing the fields and click the click button?
    my html code: https://hastebin.com/kodetakice.xml
    and script: https://hastebin.com/ijukomokur.js
    please help me, thanks
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  • darksecu
    started a topic [How to] RollBack with PDO
    in PHP

    [How to] RollBack with PDO

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm looking for best way to perform PDO Rollback Changes in case of mid-way failure of script.

    Sample example of script
    PHP Code:
    $stmt PDO// insert execute
    if ($stmt == true) {
    $stmt2 PDO// insert execute
    if ($stmt2 == true
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