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  • Brandon J
    started a topic DBMS bridge entity operations

    DBMS bridge entity operations

    I'm currently working on a project that calls for the use of bridge entities. I created a straightforward design, but I'm unable to display it to you.

    **tblStudent** - (PK) Student ID - LastName, FirstName, MiddleName, YearLevel, Section, Adviser, and CellphoneNumber

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  • Mythri
    started a topic Searching and Calculating Minimum Years of experience

    Searching and Calculating Minimum Years of experience

    I was trying to calculate an employees total years of experience and i got the answer here Calculating date difference - CodingForum . Adding to that, i am trying to select all the employees who have minimum experience of 3 years.

    I tried something like this
    SELECT e.fname, e.lname,
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  • Mythri
    started a topic Calculating date difference
    in PHP

    Calculating date difference

    I am calculating average years of working of employees by using DATEDIFF ().
    I have employee table where i capture joining date and leaving date. Obviously Current company will not have leaving date. So for that i want to use current date.
    My query is

    PHP Code:
    $TotalDays $con->prepare("SELECT 
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  • How do I create a variable array using a column from SQL table?

    I am trying to find a better way to implement an image library on a member-only protected area of a resource site. Currently everything is coded by HTML, which is not ideal for over 2,600 photos. I am trying to learn how to do it with mySQL and PHP and have some success so far but have hit a large hurdle....
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  • I need new developers PHP + mysql project trader cash

    Hello, how are you?
    I'm looking for new developers for my trader cash project, the project is done in php + mysql, I need to add new game functions.

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  • doughtylatvia
    started a topic COUNT(*) problem here
    in PHP

    COUNT(*) problem here

    Hello, CodingForum!

    I want to develop a system where my employees can record the number of hours worked at the end of each working day.
    What I need:

    Count the total hours of each employee.
    The panel where I can add new orders without having to do this through...
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  • Seathrْn
    started a topic MySQL PDO query using LIKE won't work
    in PHP

    MySQL PDO query using LIKE won't work

    I have a parameterised SQL PDO query using LIKE in a php script that I can't get to work.
    The original MYSQL version of the script works fine.
    And I can get parameterised SQL PDO queries without LIKE to work.
    So I think it's a syntax problem with PDO around the LIKE keyword....
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  • Need help to Auto-Populate form fields, triggered with onchange event using JS


    1. Choose an item from the dropdown list.

    2. After choice, form fields will be populated by data stored to the corresponding row, the data is coming from mysql database.

    3. The javascript is triggered by an "onchange"...
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  • Searching for a tutorial for breaking news headlins on PHP MYsql

    Hello sir,

    I am searching for PHP - MySQL based tutorials for scrolling Breaking news / latest news title with details links at the top of the site. I have searched on google and Youtube few days but not finding what searching for or I am missing the keywords.

    Can you...
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  • Inserting into multiple column using foreach loop using PHP

    dear, i am trying to insert innto mutiple fields of a mysql table using php foreach loop.
    please help me as i can update data into all field except one ‘weight’, code is below:

    insert portion:
    PHP Code:

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  • How can i detect weak MySQL password or get user's plain text password - Linux root?


    MySQL removed support for 4.1 style passwords from 5.6 and so caused alot of trouble when migrating old mysql accounts to new mysql.

    So before the migration, i need to discover mysql users with too weak passwords. Anyone know how to do it on Linux (this is CentOS...
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  • jarvboy
    started a topic JSON not being encoded since move
    in PHP

    JSON not being encoded since move

    I recently moved my code (which contains same database) from a php5.6 host to a php7.2 host and I changed credentials

    it works on here as mysql

    but then I changed everything to mysqli on the php7.2 site but...
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  • traincity
    started a topic PHP error after placing code
    in PHP

    PHP error after placing code

    Hi.. I am just learning mysql and php. I thought I had mysqli and pdo issues fixed but did something stupid I think. Trying to learn php connecting with mysql, I used this code:

    PHP Code:
    $username "zzzz";
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  • mexabet
    started a topic PHP MySQL PDO UPDATE query doesn't work
    in PHP

    PHP MySQL PDO UPDATE query doesn't work

    I have a PHP file that populates a web form from a given MySQL database table row for editing. I'm performing MySQL SELECT and UPDATE queries using PDO positional (anonymous) placeholders. After editing a particular table row and clicking on the submit button, the table row doesn't update, as expected....
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  • Login form not working on submission, but registration functioning properly[Symfony]

    Trying to make login and registration form stay on one view and when submitted to go to the function for registration or login, but my login does not function as expected. It returns me to the home page with the data typed in the url. I do not even get error when submitting wrong credentials.
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