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  • How to know the range of week compare to current week ?

    I wonder how to know whether the date is few weeks ago?

    Assume I have this date and time 2019-05-24 17:25. How can I know this date is last week ago compare with current date?

    I want to know two weeks ago, one weeks ago and less than one week.

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  • imranabdul
    started a topic How to Add Extra CMS option in a Wordpress website
    in PHP

    How to Add Extra CMS option in a Wordpress website

    I am having a WordPress (hyderabadboss) Site Where I am looking to add an Extra CMS option, how to add an Additional CMS option add extra content to blog post.
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  • Can't get image slider to stay anchored to my page

    I am trying to get this image carousel to work on my site and appear in my Home category without having a mind of its own. This code apparently ignores placement however and its incredibly frustrating. Can someone who is better at coding please help me with a fix to get this carousel to stay contained...
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  • mehidy
    started a topic How to avoid case sensitive issue here ?

    How to avoid case sensitive issue here ?

    Hi Guys, good day.

    I need help to avoid the case sensitive search , here in this part. Please help me.

    		$("body").delegate( "div#ss_search input", "keyup", function(e) {
    			var val = $(this).val(), flag=false;
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    Dear all

    Do you know if there is any hosting with these programming languages and databases JAVA + JSP + PHP + ASP CLASSIC + SQL SERVER + MySQL ?

    Thank you
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  • PascalWizard
    started a topic Java compiler

    Java compiler

    I would like to learn Java. I figure I'll need a compiler. I found this warning on-line. "The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is urging computer users to disable Java software on their computers. An exploit for an unpatched vulnerability in Java is being used by cybercriminals to infect...
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  • Spectrum94
    started a topic Simple Issue I Cant Solve

    Simple Issue I Cant Solve

    Can someone explain why this wont compile. Its asking for a "}" but there is no need for one that I can find. Super simple issue thats so frustrating.

    //package Dice;
    import java.util.Random;
    public class Die {
    	private final Random
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  • Luis Jacobs
    started a topic Need help with a bitshifting problem in java

    Need help with a bitshifting problem in java

    Hi, im just about done with an assignment and on the last question I have attempted to do it but I dont know if I used the bitshifting correctly.

    For the question, I had to extract the rightmost byte of an integer, then get the first 3 bits, next 3 bits, and last 2 bits of that rightmost...
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  • How to access TokensAnnotation, TextAnnotation, NamedEntityTagAnnotation via Python a

    Hi, I'm hoping to get specific answers, since I can't find this in any existing Stanford Python wrapper or the documentation.

    I'm converting some Java to Python without any code documentation or much access to the original developer. I am NOT a Java coder.

    I have the Java...
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  • Ramesh kota
    started a topic Java String means?

    Java String means?

    What exactly does it mean in Java when they say a string is immutable? Couldn't I just assign the string variable to a different string
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  • ErusAn00
    started a topic Matching password with username

    Matching password with username

    Hello ,i'm a beginner in coding.
    So i wrote a little script to connect to something ( in my imagination ) . But i wanted to created two set , one for Usernames , and the other for passwords , but i want to like , link every username to a specefic password.
    Here is the code i wrote ,i...
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  • alan12
    started a topic change to android developer

    change to android developer

    Hi there,

    Is there someone who tried to develop Android? I am curious if it is hard to start doing it. I found article https://xsolve.software/blog/when-a-...es-to-android/ where the author claims that developing java in the past is a good background. What is your experience?...
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  • starboychad
    started a topic New to Java

    New to Java

    Hi everyone. I am new to Java and not even sure it can accomplish what I am trying to do. I have been asked to try to come up with a web based program that will create numbers in a sequential order....IE: 001, 002, 003.....upon every press of a button. I need these numbers to be able to be stored so...
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  • jorgediam
    started a topic hotel reservation system

    hotel reservation system

    Hello friends, i have a project assigned from my university which basically asks me to create a hotel reservation system( a simple one). Up to this point it all goes well, except a part which it says that it will ask for the check-in and the check-out dates and it will use them to search for available...
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  • Using "static" for concurrent coding. Good/Bad practice?

    "This is a question very dealt in forums. I personally don't like the "static" declaration, since it implies in one hand that you can use methods from a class without the need to declare objects from the very class, and in the other hand the direct sharing of attributes for all the instances...
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