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Front-End Engineer Needed - San Francisco

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  • Front-End Engineer Needed - San Francisco

    Our client, an internet consumer start-up in a cool, fun, collaborative office located near the MOMA in downtown San Francisco, is in need of a Front-End Engineer. This is very much a 'hands-on coding' job and you will have complete responsibility for the development and maintenance of the front-end. Our client is making a fun, beautiful, and complex site, with creative and interactive elements, community features, tentacles in the mobile space and social networks, and we want it to be fast and nifty everywhere. They are looking for the sort of front-end developer who not only loves the web, breathes its latest capabilities, wants to make amazing websites, and loves writing code, but also has a creative heart. You won't just be executing; you'll be part of the whole process, an advocate for making everything about the site awesome. You'll be a voice for making sure our site is the kind of site that web developers see and think, “How'd they do that?" and "Wish I worked there!"

    Ideal Candidate:

    -Skilled at and enjoy building websites.
    -Write HTML & CSS that makes people want to print it out and frame it.
    -Work well with designers & UX folks: be ready to speak up about what could be better, what you feel about designs.
    -Produce and own the production of HTML/CSS/JS/assets that come out of the collaborative design+UX process.

    A Bonus!:

    -You actually enjoy building designs that gracefully degrade on older browsers (not on IE6, though!).
    -You really understand JavaScript, like, for real, not just as a consumer of frameworks.
    -You've got an opinion about the right way to test web apps.
    -You've got an opinion about A/B testing and how to implement it.
    -Selenium/Cucumber/Watir etc. integration testing experience a plus.
    -Rails experience a plus.

    To Apply: send resumes to [email protected]