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Usermin Module (JSON-RPC Client)

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  • Usermin Module (JSON-RPC Client)

    I am in need of two modules for Usermin, one is a simple config editor with two screens, the other is a JSON-RPC module that will communicate with Bitcoin RPC Client on the localhost server.

    Please PM me bids here on the forum and bid for each job separately since we might not do both at the same time.

    Here are the descriptions for each job:

    Config Module for local Conf file:
    I am in need of a usermin module to edit a conf file in a users directory. Very simple module, two screens. One to add or remove IPS from the file and the other to edit the username/password pair. Two screens that's it.

    I am attaching a sample config file for you to look at. The 3 lines in question are:58,59,70

    That's it, just those two areas. The user is not allowed to edit the source or any module config screen.

    This must work on a linux system. The directory the file is always in is the /home/%USER%/.bitcoin

    Second Project-
    Bitcoin RPC Client in Usermin Module (Perl):
    I am in need of a module for Usermin that allows the user to send JSON-RPC commands to the bitcoin daemon running under their user, this is all on Linux using usermin.


    API Commands:

    This module has to get it's config from a file in the user's directory "~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf"

    In here the module will get the username, password and port to send RPC commands to.

    This module has to have the following screens:

    -Transaction list
    -Connection count
    -Block count
    -Send Bitcoins
    -Generate new Address

    Please see this client for an idea:

    Lastly like all usermin modules it has to have two buttons, stop daemon and start daemon. To stop it issue the linux command:

    "bitcoind stop"

    To start again it issues this command:

    "bitcoind -daemon"

    And it should give current status, started or stopped.

    Those are the two projects, please when bidding separate both projects in price please so we can do them a different times.
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