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Coder needed for the following:

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  • Coder needed for the following:

    PHP search engine mods

    1.Improve parasing of xml, example needs to be able to accept the following characters & ' > < "

    2.There should have been a tab delimited txt file parasing but it seems to have been left out (needs to be added)

    3.client admin area in product section add form to upload products (simple upload) up to 10 products.

    4.Search relevance needs to accept two letter words like (U2) but skip words like (if) (is) (it) if this is possible.
    - The search is currenly searching minimum of four words therefore words like bed cup ect are not being called.

    5.We have an impression based ad system that loops showing the ads with the most imps left 1st (max of 8 ads on dispaly)
    - we would like to add more options to this feature, advertising clients login area where they can see total imps today,
    imps this week, total imps, imps left. clicks today, click this week, total clicks,

    6.We had setup an option where a company/client may not have a website in this case on clicking the product the user is - taken to a company contact page on our server where it displays company name, logo image, location, phone number, (opening - hours in the format of weekdays saturday, sunday). this is not currently working!

    7.In superadmin area need info section most searched words most clicked etc also inclucde adverisment imps information for monitoring.

    8.Improve image loading time we currently linking to images and get displayed via thumbnail generator we have max of 10
    images per page but currently only getting approx 6 due to loading time.

    9.look over all the code and check for stability

    10.client login area 1st time login opens window with t&c client must accept this, confirmation of this is to be saved to the database.

    please pm me your quote and experience.