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looking for coder for game site

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  • looking for coder for game site

    Hello, i am in the process of starting a site that will host Cash Tournaments for many different popular video games where we will host tournaments where players and teams can pay entry fees to enter tournaments then they compete for BIG cash prizes, I had a very simple temporary site put up and we inted to start hosting tournaments soon, But the site i put up is VERY simple and nothing fancy whatsoever.

    My Designer is working on our new site and it is about 70% done, we are hoping to launch next month and with Version 2 of our site we want to add a Game review part of the site alot like IGN or Gamespot, also we want to add a ladder system for teams to join and compete in.

    We already have site design complete and alot of the work is doneas i mentioned we are about 70% complete, but we need an experienced and skilled Coder with a love for gaming who is willing to join the staff and help us finish the site.

    Coder needs skills in PHP, mysql and css . we have numerous tasks we need him to be able to complete such as Tournament system, a ranking system and a few other things.

    So if your interested let me know we are trying to build a very strong community with this and we feel that this is the future of gaming so if you have a love for gaming and are qualified let me know and we can talk in more detail about project.


    Chris B
    [email protected]

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    What is the pay?


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      at this time i am not able to offer paying positions, what i am able to offer right now is a place on the staff where you will work hand and hand with our web master on site and you can also have any other position on staff such as forum mod or even being a game admin which if interested in project i will explain that further. I also will give you any type of promotion or advertisemet on site you want.

      i know this isnt a popular thing on this site but i may offer differed payment after site is complete, we can negotiate a fee for that but im not offering upfront payment right now. any further questions post them here or e-mail me and i be happy to answer them