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  • Bitcoin exchange

    Greetings everyone,
    I live in country where there isn't a bitcoin regulation, so i want to create a fully online Bitcoin Forex exchange for multi vendor worldwide to buy and sell bitcoin without limits or regulations. I already have a bank ready to transit intentional wires from buyer to sellers.

    The issue is i never wrote a piece of code in my life but i have the vision of how everything should be set. It's going to a simple sign up and the person either decides to set up shop or buy. I will need someone who is very good at programming and design, our main issue is creating a safe multi sig cold storage, that will be connected to a shopping cart in order to verified transactions. from my calculation we would aim first during the start up period to exchanging 100 bitcoin a day while taking our cut of 1% that would be 1767 per day so around 50 000 thousand a month we could split 60 to 40 in your favor if you did the coding and what not.

    In order to be safe the sever would have to be with me in my country, to prevent any lawsuit since bitcoin is fully legal and unregulated here, people all over the world will finally enjoy the freedom via bitcoin they've always wanted

    Thank you

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    I do not even know if this will be so profitable at once


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      Really a grandiose undertaking to start with in this thread. The case is quite profitable, but it will be hard enough for him to pull on himself, so you need to look for stakeholders for cooperation. Plus, you need to have permanent token listings to attract attention to your stock exchange. And of course the traditional set of cryptocurrency.


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        what about bitcoin in 2021?


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          While this thread maybe six years old, I hope you were able to make progress on your idea and find the right team to handle the coding and design aspects. Building a safe multi-signature cold storage and integrating it with a shopping cart for verified transactions is no small feat. By the way, if you're still interested in Forex trading and want to explore easy scalping strategies, you can check out this https://fbs.com/analytics/tips/easy-...rategies-26412. It might offer some valuable insights to enhance your trading skills. Keep pushing forward and pursuing your dreams, my friend! The world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has evolved tremendously since this thread, and I hope your vision has come to fruition.