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    Hello to all.

    I am setting up a business that focuses on launching unique "never done before" site ideas. I already have a couple of ideas. I have a business plan written up that is currently 17 pages (it's the first draft and needs information from others in partnership). I have a connection with a managing director of a successful bus company who has agreed to assist as a business advisor for professional business support. This business is going to be a partnership, and a deed of partnership is likely to be written for this. This partnership should not ideally exceed 5 members, but additional partners may be considered dependant on the opinion of all current members.

    I am seeking website developers and designers to join this partnership. The roles are stated below.

    Website Developer - [up to 2 required]
    • Knowledge in PHP & MySQL

    Knowledge in HTML is also preferred.

    * You need to be able to create simple local search engines for use in our websites, as well as easy to use content management systems for customers we may work with.

    Website Designer - [no more than 1 required]
    • Knowledge in HTML & CSS
    • Ability to create quality artwork
    • Evidence of previous work

    * You need to be able to develop creative artwork to our specification when required. You do not HAVE to know HTML & CSS but this is a very strong desire and so is in the list.

    Website Scripter - [up to 2 required]
    • Knowledge in jQuery
    • Knowledge in JavaScript

    Knowledge in AJAX is also preferred.

    * You need to be able to use languages like jQuery to create things like image galleries or unique menus that haven't necessarily been created on the web before.

    This business will be situated in the United Kingdom, it is preferred if you are also in the UK (for obvious reasons) but not essential.

    Work would start part-time for at least 6 months and is completely flexible, it will continue this way for sometime dependant on the direction the business goes and the financial state (a workforce may be hired for each individual site).

    Please send a private message if you are interested.
    Please post a reply if you have a general question to ask.

    I hope to hear from you shortly.

    Kind Regards
    Owen Ayres.

    Please note: The ideas for the business will not be expressed here and are not expressed in detail in the business plan, as we don't want people running off with the same site ideas!