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PHP/mySQL expert who loves the Mopvie/TV biz

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  • PHP/mySQL expert who loves the Mopvie/TV biz

    If you are a senior PHP/mySQL programmer who is a fan of the movie and television industries with experience using Final Draft, or just an aspiring screenwriter yourself, I would love to talk with you about helping complete the development of Talentville.com, a new online community I am building to connect the Hollywood elite with talented screenwriters around the world. As the creator and co-founder of Final Draft, the worldwide leader in scriptwriting software used to script over 90% of all movies and TV shows made today, I have been involved with the movie-making community for over 25 years, and my vision is for Talentville to literally change the way Hollywood finds new talent. I am looking for a partner, not an employee, someone who will have a vested interest in this new venture.

    In terms of the site itself, if you think this is the kind of opportunity you might be seeking, I would urge you to first go to www.talentville.com, sign up and take a look around to get a better idea of what I am building. While it is a dynamic community with screenplays, reviews, ratings, and a host of social networking features, the foundation upon which it is built is fairly straightforward: PHP, AJAX, CSS, HTML and a mySQL database which drives the content.

    For the time being, this opportunity is an equity-based position until such time as we raise outside funding or complete the features that allow us to charge subscription fees and sell products via eCommerce to bring an income into the company.

    The good news is that the majority of the site is already completed. The code itself is very well commented, very straightforward and easy to understand and extend, something that is not always true with custom written code. This site was not developed through any framework, it is completely custom written and thus totally within our control as to how every feature, every button, every slider and every screen looks and works.

    I am located in the Los Angeles area but I would consider working with a programmer remotely if the situation calls for that. This is a great opportunity for someone who loves the movies and who has always dreamed of working in the Industry to own a piece of a company that will become an invaluable resource for both writers around the world who dream of working in Hollywood to the Agents, Managers and producers who get those scripts turned into movies and TV shows for the public to enjoy.

    I can be reached at [email protected]. I look forward to finding the right partner who has the skills to get the job done and who wants to build a great community that will truly have an impact on the way talent is discovered.

    Ben Cahan
    CEO, Talentville, Inc.
    Creator/Co-founder, Final Draft, Inc.