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Looking For A Coder/Designer To Become Business Partner

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  • Looking For A Coder/Designer To Become Business Partner

    First post

    I'm looking to partner with an individual who can code + design a website with me.

    We would work together to create, design, advertise, and successfully run this website as a business together.

    I stress that you need to be a great programmer, capable of creating a website from scratch and adding any functionality to it we may need.

    Since I don't have much money to pay someone to code my website, I'm going about it this way instead. I am offering a 50/50 stake between the two of us, and would only like to work with people interested in creating a great business with me.

    I have a complete mockup of the website already finished. You would need to help me re-design some areas and create all the code for it. We would work together in creating a complete website and then proceed with advertising and launch. It will be a fun website to advertise

    If you're interested pm me and I'll send you the website url to view the mock up and we can skype about it too if you'd like.

    Thanks for looking and I hope we can work together soon.

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    Do you have a business plan that shows where the revenue will come from, and how much revenue there will be? And how you arrived at your numbers? No self-respecting business partner would come to the table without that.

    Also, would you be open to doing a 90/10 split for the first 3 years, and then buying back 40% to make it 50/50, since 90% of the upfront work will be done by your coder? Or, 50/50 split, but then 100% of the revenue (after operating expenses) go to your coder, until an agreed-upon amount has been reached?