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Small Film Co. needs pro bono Flash logo/sequence coding

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  • Small Film Co. needs pro bono Flash logo/sequence coding


    I'm a writer/director and I'm setting up a small film company with some close actor friends here in Ireland. I'm looking for someone to make up for my lack of Flash skills to code a logo/design/sequence which I have in mind to represent the company's outlook and personality.

    The company is called "Hitman In A Fridge" (an in-joke related to our first film together as professionals) and the sequence is an amusing mini animation featuring a simplistic stylised 2D 'hitman' figure in white outline on a black background, some gunshots, and of course a refridgerator! Think a monochrome Lego Star Wars in-game sequence and you're close.

    We can't pay, but we will advertise your name/company/group with the animation's every showing, which will be on the main web page and hopefully on the start/end of any of our films. We will also throw any paid work your way should things take off for us.

    (Please note, I personally will work closely with you on the design, you will not have to slave for free in isolation.)

    For more info. please PM or e-mail. (We are also interested in web design for the website of our soon-to-be-released first short film.)

    Perhaps we can help each other.

    Thank you and good luck with all your future projects,
    Nick McLoughlin.