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[Looking] Highly experienced Java Programmer (Co-Parenter)

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  • [Looking] Highly experienced Java Programmer (Co-Parenter)

    My name is first off Eli Fafu. I have been in the gaming industry for quite some time, mainly with the evolution of Runescape Classic Private servers, I started noticing that with all the new programmers joining that community, I had to look a little bit outside the box.

    I Started doing some extensive research on what teens of all ages enjoy playing. I also took into consideration the amount and what type of games are already out there.

    I found with all the research that there is a particular type of MMOG, which happens to be a sport in real life with millions of players worldwide.

    The only type of game of this nature that I have found was a basic 2D game that looked poorly written and without much experience.

    My idea was to revolutionize the game and create one of the same nature but one that will surpass the original's greatly.

    I Have around two years working with extensive Java and worked with Runescape Classic Private servers.

    As of course I do have to take of stuff in my life, I will not be able to be there at all times ensuring the development of the Game.

    So, currently, I am looking for an experienced Java programmer who will be willing to work alongside me for a share hold of 50/50% profits gained.

    You might ask:
    1. "What makes this game any better than anyone elses"
    2. "How can you make sure the game will become profitable"

    Well, the answer to question 1 is, I have done hours of research on what teenagers and adults like to play and I also found out that there is ONLY one other type of this game currently out there.

    Answer to question two:
    I have been working with runescape classic private servers and offered subscriptions and rewards with extra perks for some fees, I understand how the market works and where to demand money for extra rewards.

    For the game which I plan to create, "Subscribing" will be of everyones interest in order to allow them to be the best.

    There will of course be a Ranking System to show competitions, along with tournaments and events of all sorts to continue the on-going flow of incoming members.

    If anyone would like to become a partner alongside me in the creation of the game, then you can contact me at the following locations.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Thank you for your time in helping me create the next "Hit" Massive Multiplayer Online Game.

    Eli Fafu~

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    I have noticed that for some odd reason this has not been gaining interest in many of your eyes?

    Message me and you will see the wondrous idea in store. Otherwise you wont know what is in mind