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Need web-interface for customization of templates

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  • Need web-interface for customization of templates

    I am a graphic designer, and I am launching a new website to offer custom invitations and announcements. I want to offer a user-friendly web interface on my site that will allow the consumer to customize the templates I provide, proof the file, and send it directly to the printer. I have spoken with several printers who offer the use of their variable output print software (mostly XMpie) but then I end up being indefinitely bound to said printer, have to pay them an initial set up fee, as well as a monthly fee for the use of their interface. I would really prefer to have someone develop the necessary interface for me directly and then just have the files sent to a reputable printer. I would provide all graphics and copy for the site, I just need someone to engineer the logistics so that I would be set up for both customization and e-commerce. At this point I am under a huge time constraint because I need to have this launched within the next 4 weeks in order to make Christmas card season.

    I'm really not sure what this project is worth, and I know that would be dependent on how one goes about building it. Bids I have received so far have ranged from $400 - $2,000. I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest bid, but the one that accomplishes my goals and is appropriate for what is offered. I am a small business start up so I am on a limited budget, but I am also a freelance worker myself so I know that people have to get paid fairly for their work.
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    And your budget is?
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      I will entertain quotes on this project. Since I am new at this sort of thing, I am not really sure what all would be entailed and therefore what it would be worth. Things I would consider along with the quote would be if the person has a proven track record of doing this sort of thing, what kind of time frame they can give me, etc.