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[Hiring] Need a professional Flash Artist/Coder

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  • [Hiring] Need a professional Flash Artist/Coder

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a Flash Artist cum coder who can do this:

    - A Flash Video player for video streaming in flash. Something like Youtube.com .. Only 2 pages requires flash streaming (aproxx. 20 videos .. Note: you dont have to design any hi-fi flash player .. just a standard player is what i need).

    - "Add to playlist" function so users can enqueue videos.

    - 3 Pages of Text/images.

    - 1 Page of registration.

    - Admins should be able to do everything from Admin panel. (e.g: edit text/image pages, Upload/edit videos anytime)

    - And finally .. i would like this site to have merged with my another site (e.g If my other site has 20people online, and this site has 10, then it should show 30 on both the sites .. same for number of registered users).

    Note: This site will not have any user submitted videos. We just want users to stream those 20 videos.

    I'm not too much in a hurry, but i wouldn't mind getting it at the earliest so i'd prefer early takers.

    My budget is 100-120$ and not more than that

    You can also reply here for any general questions.

    But i request only experienced people to approach me who probably have a good portfolio aswell, as i wouldn't want a newcomer to try his skills on my site.

    Thanks in advance

    Looking forward
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    No one's up for this ?


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      You aren't going to get experienced people for that price. The player will take about two hours. At my rate thats already 80 dollars. Then you want 3 pages with text/images. Thats another hour or two. Already 160. Then you want a registration page. Thats another hour. Total up to 220. Then you want an admin page, another hour. Now 260. Then you want the site merged with another site that we have no idea how it was made. It might take 2-3 hours depending on complexity of the other site. Good luck.
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