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Looking for Flash/PHP Programmer $175

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  • Looking for Flash/PHP Programmer $175

    Explination of project:
    I am in the process of creating an online Airline Management game. It is basicy like a tycoon game that you can play on your browser. You rent gates at airports, buy aircraft, create profitable routes, and hope to make a profit.

    What I need from you:
    I need a Flash Route map (Some sort of world map, that has all of a user's routes plotted on it). Here is a quick sketch of the basic componets:
    This is a basic sketch, I expect th final version to look better than this.

    And here is what I need, layed out:
    1. The background image of the earth (I can provide you with high-res images).
    2. The routes plotted by a curved line, I don't have an exact angle or anything though, just as long as it "looks" right.
    3. Airports themself plotted so they stand out.
    4. Airport ICAO code (I can explain this more in detail) next to the airport when zoomed in.
    5. A Zoom In / Zoom Out Feature
    6. A Left/Right/Up/Down feature (For moving the map)
    7. A way to eaisly embed the map in a page, and the map will respond usng GET. I was thinking something like:

    Whichever is eaiser for you, just as long as it works.
    8. An easy way to create a route just from a LAT/LON in order to preview the route (Either a second map for this one, or another way to plot the data) :

    9. Some sort of preloading text while the calculations are taking place. A simple "Loading Data" or something will do.
    10. The map needs to be well coded, and be able to handle 1,000+ route calculations in a reasonable time.

    The Location of the points on the map will need to be plotted using the point's LAT/LONG. (Using Decimal Degrees, NOT Degrees/Minutes/Seconds) And some sort of curved line drawn between the two points. The 'From' Lat, 'From' Long, 'To' Lat, 'To' Long, and the airport icao (#4) are all stored in the same table of the database, so you will be able to use simple SQL to pull the data. I will provide you with sample mySQL data.

    My PHP: 4.3.10
    My mySQL: 3.23.58

    Due Date: 7 Days from when data is sent.

    $175 via Paypal.

    Payment will be sent after all of the requirements are met, and I am satisfied with the final creation.

    After you have a test version set up (Once again, this can be on your server) I will provide a paypal payment to you.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! If you want to see database examples or anything, please ask also! Please email me at [email protected],or use the board's PM system. I will work with you in more detail once the project is started.