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Site project (PHP,Xhtml,MySQL)

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  • Site project (PHP,Xhtml,MySQL)

    Alrighty, first of all I don't want any script kiddies applying for this job. I know quality code so anyone with less than lets say 12 months php and xhtml should not consider applying.

    I require a website to be created for myself to serve as my personal homepage to display my articles and projects. I also would like a simple blog system.

    In terms of design I would like it to be fairly minimalistic yet stylish...more is less, uncomplicated, simple yet functional and not boring. I like the color green, that's essentially all I can give you. If you have an artistic flare as well as programming prowess than you are the person for the job.

    You may use a pre-existing CMS if you like, I really don't care...so long as it does what I want.

    I want to be able to create a new article, this may span over several pages and require frequent code examples. I will require management of said article, deleting, renaming, editing.

    I want to be able to create a new project. Projects require the ability to add files and news updates as to progress as well as an overview.

    Blog, well I'm not exactly the blogging type but I might like to give it a go. Doesn't have to be flash. It should show latest, n, entries on the front page, up to a given character limit with a link to read more if applicable. Comments should be able to be left.

    I am on a very tight budget at the moment, I'll probably have to give up drinking for a few weeks to pay for this lol. So PM me, or reply in this thread, with your quotes and at least 1 example of your work displaying design and serverside scripting.

    If you would like me to elaborate further, do not hesitate to ask.
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    Just sent you a PM.
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      [email protected]

      email me please :-)


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        Depending on what is required, e.g. having various applications installed, i.e. one for a blog and so on...

        However if you're looking to have a sort of all in one solution (i.e. one centralized backend administration)... and I'm sure that there are other similiar types of applications...

        I recently uploaded a GPL project which is intended to become a framework for any PHP website / application...


        The above may help and allow your budget to focus more on enriching particular features, such as a real blog etc.. The above project isn't perfect etc, so improvements are welcome...