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Need php coder to add town leaders and teams (paid)

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  • Need php coder to add town leaders and teams (paid)

    I own a php game called Dragon Warrior Tribute, this game is far more advanced then those basic games. This is totally different. the url is www.creativeskateboardteam.com/game/index.php
    I am looking for help to make a town clan type deal. I currently have 8 towns and I will assign a leader to each town, and I need a list made up for each town, and when a player goes into a town they have a choice to register with the town and become a warrior for that town. So when you click on a town it has a list of people in the town, we have ID #'s of members so it can be listed by that. Later on Ill convert it into a arena style town battle. So basicly the script will be like this. You go into town, click on a link, asks you to confirm it, it adds your player name and id to the list for that town only. Thats about it. Contact me on here or AIM - masterofollies YAHOO - hackable_inc MSN - [email protected].
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    I can help you with this.
    Drop me an email on [email protected] and we can discuss terms.


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      I can probably help you with this as well.. if you're still interested in getting people to work on this drop me a line at [email protected]