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  • Google Checkout

    1) Project Details: I need someone to integrate my Google Checkout so that it sends a receipt back after payment.

    By doing this, it would automatically update the persons account with the items they purchased. There is only 2 items to purchase.

    So when they make a purchase, it instantly updates their account with what they purchased. Google Checkout is up and running on my website, and payments work. Just need it to send back a receipt or something. I have PHP skills and can help or do the update account part.

    This is the integration I am looking to have done, to credit digital content after purchase.

    2) Payment method/details: Paypal or Check. I would like it done within a week. Please provide me with an estimate price, I am on a budget, as I run off donations.

    3) Requirements: You must be from the USA, England or Canada. Due to corrupt programmers, I won't accept programmers from India, Asia, Middle East, or any other country in the area.

    A contract will be sent stated that you won't alter any other files, or information on my website, and will not harm, delete, move, or add files that does not pertain to the Google Checkout Integration.

    If you do a good job, I will be able to provide with you with many more things, ranging from small quick jobs, to medium size jobs.
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    Been a sign maker for 8 years. My business:
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    This is now closed, it has been completed.
    Been a sign maker for 8 years. My business:
    American Made Signs