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Need Coder For Social Network

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  • Need Coder For Social Network


    I am Will. I recently started a network that is called the VipClubSpace. I just launched the network but to get to the point. I am looking for someone who knows PHP,HTML. I will say its an volunteer project just for right now and if we come up with an way of making money I will promise to give you your cut out of all you done. I am trying to recode a site. I am not wanting someone that will not stay after we get everything done. I do want them to be part of the team for as long as they can be. If you need me I will try to come here to reply but if I by any chance don't you can contact me at [email protected] Thanks FOR Reading this. I hope to work with someone from here.

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    Do you have a live demo I could look at? I'd be willing to help, contact me at [email protected].