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Experienced, Qualified Content Writer and Editor Available

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  • Experienced, Qualified Content Writer and Editor Available

    Degreed. Professional. Affordable. Reliable.

    I am a dependable writer and editor with an academic background in English (focus on technical & professional writing) and several years of experience writing and editing web content. I am capable of quickly and thoroughly researching just about any topic you fling at me and writing confidently about it--all the while gracefully implementing a set of keywords you choose or I help you determine.

    I have written for countless numbers of web-based clients on everything from fashion and lifestyles to more specialized topics in the science and healthcare fields. This includes articles, of course, but also includes full-length eBooks. I have my own network of educational research-based content websites that I built from the ground up so that means that I have a unique understanding not only of my end of things as the writer or editor--but from your standpoint as a developer.

    I am affordable, communicative, and easy to work with. I also have a sense of humor, which is more important in this business than you might think.

    I can craft articles that are compelling and worthy of retweets and social bookmarks galore and can work with you to create custom content that keeps readers coming back for more.

    I check in to my inbox several times per hour from 8:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. EST (and later when I'm burning the midnight oil--which is often) and will respond promptly to serious inquires.

    My pricing varies based on the amount of research required and turnaround times you demand. I am flexible, although generally speaking, an average 400-word article on a mostly non-specialized or technical topic will run in the $8-$14 range, with the higher end being reserved for short deadlines. I do give discounts for "bulk" orders, which is actually what most orders are. We can work something out.

    Contact me! I am fun to work with, reliable, and can create stunning content for you and your website. Oh--and for what it's worth (which is actually a lot) I am a native English speaker; it makes a pretty darn big difference when it comes to content writing. I think you know what I mean.

    Send along some details about what you're looking for and your contact information, including your phone number if you'd like. You'll be amazed at how quickly I respond. Unless, of course, it's 3:45 a.m. EST, although even then you never know...

    I can provide samples and other verification upon contact.

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you!


    [email protected]
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    Can you also write press releases and what would the price be if you do?
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