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  • Website Creation

    Hi, Im Samuel.
    I would like to spend some money planning and making a website for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
    I am planning on it being a source for making fair bids based on how much someone enters in as well as using Steam API for them to login and register the prices of their inventory's
    Here are the things and features I need done (Advice needed in these fields):

    -Where to set up my new website, this can be a website that supports a .com domain
    -How to develop BOTs for steam to make the trades as well as send the rewards to the winning players
    -Any legal information, this is going to be a semi-profit organization that taxes a small commission fee based on betted items
    -How to register the 3rd-Party site along with Steam/Valve, making contact is an example of this
    -I also plan on having Games that determine the winners based on how much they bid, THIS WOULD NOT MEAN A PLINKO OR COIN TOSS. I assume Jackpot is appropriate for this

    Please help! I need as much information as possible, this is a big project and can take a lot of time so spare me your time to assist me through the steps of this. (And Thank You for your help!)

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    Hi Samuel,

    I played CS the original version back in the day.

    I've built sites similar in complexity to what you're suggesting, but it definitely requires a more thorough conversation to understand exactly what you need.

    If you're still interested in doing this, email me: dk -at- dhruvkar.com. I'm based in San Francisco.

    - Dhruv
    automizzen.com | https://dhruvkar.com


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      I have check your post for detail mentioned and know how it can be helped.

      let me know your available time and I will do my best to accommodate it.

      We can discuss further on skype: deepvyas71

      Best Regards,


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        Hello @Samstea,
        Just sent you a PM
        Please check

        Ron Anderson