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1 TB of Free CDN Web Storage Forever?

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  • 1 TB of Free CDN Web Storage Forever?

    I have eventually managed to create an Amazon WebServices account and can now easily upload images even to subdirectories! It was like walking into a foreign language library and not knowing where to start because I believe Amazon has created their own vocabulary of Cloud Computing!

    Here is my first webpage that incorporates avatars in different formats.


    This morning I even managed to upload the following image using my tablet!


    Exciting stuff and I’m just beginning


    In this example, you are delivering a static website for a small production workload or testing your application. You have 100 GB of data egressing out to the internet from a CloudFront cache per month and make 1,000,000 HTTPS requests when fetching content from CloudFront and delivering to your viewer.

    You also use CloudFront Functions for lightweight processing of web requests, such as cache-key manipulation or URL rewrites.

    Assuming your account has less than 1 TB of data transfer out to internet and fewer than 20,000,000 total HTTPS request, DTO and HTTPS request will be covering by the AWS Free Tier,incurring no charge. Your CloudFront distribution uses a viewer request and a viewer response function on each request. This would invoke two functions per request, no charge will be incurred by the first 2,000,000 request, then you will be charged at $0.1 per million requests.
    100 GB data transfer out 100 x $0.085 per GB $0
    1,000,000 HTTPS requests 1,000,000 x $0.00 for the first 10,000,000 $0
    $12,000,000 viewer functions (12,000,000 – 2,000,000) x $0.01 per 1,000,000 requests $0.10
    Total Monthly Cost $0.10
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    Nothing is “free” with global companies like Amazon. You or your users pay with their user behavior converted into valuable profile data.
    Stop solving problems you don’t yet have!


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      Originally posted by VIPStephan View Post
      Nothing is “free” with global companies like Amazon. You or your users pay with their user behavior converted into valuable profile data.
      True, as soon as the user browses to a site then if the browser supposedly not saving your data there's a good chance that the Internet Service Provider uses the data.

      Anyway considering there is no way to eliminate the data from being used by unscrupulous third-party vendors... I may as well take advantage of the 1TB Free CDN AWS-S3 Storage Plan.

      I was also hoping to learn something about Cloud Services which seem to be all the current rage.
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        John if it makes you feel any better I've had my identity hacked so many times by now that I have an image of this huge room of thieves, fighting each other to use my data . . . and sending red flags to every commercial interest as a result. I personally feel that they have everything already. On everybody. It’s somewhat nihilist but that’s why God invented the Licensed Attorney. Don’t know what I’m doing here but handing it back to Stephan lol . . .


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          Sorry to inform you, but John Betong has passed away.
          To save time, lets just assume I am almost never wrong.

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