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What is better or what way should I go ?

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  • What is better or what way should I go ?

    I just joined this forum because I am a question and I am not sure were to ask this.
    When I saw this forum, I thought I will give it a try here.
    Maybe one or more people can give me a "push" in the right direction.

    In the past I was scripting a lot in Clipper. I was working for a company were we used Clipper to make a program for restaurants.
    This is a long time ago but I am still very much interested in scripting/programming.

    Since a year or so, I am a volunteer at a organization.
    I am also unemployed, so I have a lot of "free" time.
    Because of my IT knowledge, the organization is very happy with me and after being there for a year, I am trying to see if i can get them further.

    Right now they don't have a membership administration that is up to date.
    Every time they will do one step and then stop again.
    To many different people and different ways of doing things.

    Now my idea was to set up something to help them with this membership admin.
    Beginning of this year I did a course in Python. (online)
    It was very nice and I liked Python.
    But what they were teaching was only text based.
    After a long search I found out, that Python can do much more.
    So maybe giv it one more try.
    In the meantime I also was looking at MS Access and PHP

    I want to start slow and in a basic way.
    Maybe first try my best at setting up my own database with names and addresses.
    Then slowly make it nicer and better.
    When everything is running ok, I was thinking of setting it online, so everyone with access rights to it, can do the maintenance on the database.

    I hope you see were I am going to.
    I want to learn something again.
    Python, MS Acces or PHP with (My)SQL
    First just stand alone and later online.

    Which is the best for my idea ?
    Or what advcie do you have for me ?

    Many thanks in advance for all your replies and tips.

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    Firstly well done on having the motivation to do it for the company you are volunteering with. That shows a great deal of character. I would recommend looking at php and mySQL as platforms to use. I mean, you could always use something like MS Access or even an excel spreadsheet (Lolz) but that would be my initial idea. Remember that those who you would intend to be the users of the database may need training in how to use it. A possible avenue for employment for you? Best of luck!


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      Well, you are doing it right to motivate and help others. In terms of focusing on data base maintenance, I guess, it will be better if you have the appropriate training about it.