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Creating an api & connecting it with a script.

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  • Creating an api & connecting it with a script.

    Hello all,

    Project description:
    The idea of the project is to receive a notification in my email when an event is activated.
    I will try to explain it as easy as possible.

    I need an API which receives (input) data from excel & PDF files. After receiving this data it has to be send (output) to a script which calculated this data and determines if a certain notification has to be send to an email or not.

    The script:
    The script has to calculate if an certain employee has abused his fuel card (received from the company) or not. If this is the case then the administration has to receive a notification of this (by mail). It is possible to calculate if an employee has abused its fuel card (For example if the employee uses the fuel card for his own (private) car and not for the companies car.

    It is possible to calculate this by calculating this data:
    - average usage per certain car (there are for example 4 different cars the company uses so this has to be different for each car)
    - How many kilometers this car has passed
    - How much fuel is filled in the car reservoir

    When a car uses in average 7 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers and the employees has driven 100 kilometers this means that the car has used 7 liters. If the employee "pays" with the fuel card for 20 liters it means that the other 13 liters have been filled somewhere else (for example his own car). This means that the employee has "stolen" from the company and the administration should receive an notification about it.

    If it's not the case that the employee "stole" fuel then the script should not send any notification to the administration.
    So basically there are 2 kind of outputs from the script:
    - Employee stole fuel -> send email to for example administration
    - Employee did not steal fuel -> nothing happens.

    I hope this was a little bit clear enough for you.
    Please send me a PM or reply here on this topic on how much money you expect from this.

    If there are any questions please ask here or send me a PM.

    Kind regards,


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    As the project continues I will inform you with more specific information!