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  • What should I learn next? Mention anything

    I'm feeling bored. My job involves linux, k8s, docker, sql etc. What should I learn next? I want to learn music but it's expensive to purchase good musical instruments. I don't like learning drawing, new foreign language etc. I like to learn programming. But I'm not sure what should I learn next.
    Recommend anything. I don't know much about coding.

    1) DSA

    2) Competitive Programming

    3) ccna

    4) Operating System (College Course Relearn I mean)

    5) Computer Graphics and Game Development

    6) Do 55 DOM Projects course

    7) CSS

    8) ??

    Please recommend me something to learn. It should freshen up my mind. It can take as much time it can. If you've ideas about cheap musical instruments (I hate ukulele though), do share. I can learn flute but since I follow courses, I need exactly same flute like that in course and it's expensive.