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How this forum can help in freelancing job.

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  • How this forum can help in freelancing job.

    I am a new talker to this forum. Is it helpful to build freelancing with the help of the support of the member of the forum?

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    There are already lots of freelancing sites available on the Internet like elance, freelancer, odesk and more. If you want find freelancing job than this sites are good for you. But firstly you need to create and build-up your profile on the website and need to get good ranks also to get battery pay and fast work than others.
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      Using this forum you can learn a lot of things when engaging to freelancing. You can be a programmer where all programming languages can be learn here just ask questions if you don't know.


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        Forums do help in getting projects because some people come searching for programmers. On the other hand, if you really want to start out in a structured manner then do register for a freelance website. Start out where there is less competition and more chances of getting work. 100's instead of 10,000's
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          Competition is the key.

          Have you ever tried to use freelancer, elance, odesk, etc? With the millions of cheap Indian/Russian/European companies on that site, who have teams of people compared to just the one american you'd get for the same price, I couldn't even get one job. These sites are like using slave labor imo, because people want to something for nothing, and frankly, I'm not going to do a job for $10 per hour. It's a joke.