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  • Looking for a script

    I don't know if this is in the right section... forgive me if its in the wrong section.

    im looking for a ready-made script that changes a certain folder name on my server everyday or week or whatever and then (using html output) shows the links in that folder on an html page. i dunno if such a thing exists if it doesn't does anyone here have any idea on how i would go about writing one? im still a noob at php so i would greatly apreciate ur help.

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    It can be done with PHP, but a few questions first ...

    (first of all, folder = directory)...

    1) Do you already know the name of the directory you
    want to change, and what the new name should be?
    ... and are you changing the same directory each time, from
    one name to another, or is each directory you rename a different
    directory, where somehow you are creating new directories all
    the time, but using PHP to rename them.

    2) Is the new name based on a formula, such as date,
    or sequence number?

    3) When you say "show the links", do you mean an HTML output
    that displays a link to each file in the directory?

    4) Do you only want the HTML output to display a link for a particular
    file extension ... example, only show links to .jpg images, or show a link
    to all files in the directory?

    5) Are there any security issues involved? Are the files sensitive in
    nature, is there a reason why you're renaming the directory each week?

    6) When you say execute every day or each week, do you mean
    automatically? This would require a CRON job (which your webhost may
    or may not allow), or you can use any webpage that you have that gets
    visited at least once per day (which can trigger the script).
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