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  • Confused with pspell

    I need to use spellchecking for a project and I downloaded aspell's library, i don't understand all these cpp files, i read the instructions but I still feel like I'm missing something. Hwo do I install this in Mac OS X? Does it automatically go into my server(which I doubt)? or Do I have to install it? Is there the possibility that it might already be installed in either my server or MAMP (which is what I use locally)? if so how do I check?

    thanks so much for your help on this!!

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    no one knows about this???? please!!


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        To use pspell you need to install aspell and at least one aspell dictionary. Aspell is something not related to PHP. pspell only allows you to access aspell's funcitons from PHP.
        Note aspell does not referr to the aspell php extension. That expension was replaced by pspell.
        I'm not sure if this was any help, but I hope it didn't make you stupider.

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