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need some help please

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  • need some help please

    I do not have much experience with php, but I have created auction web site by following the read me file instruction. I have successfully installed script, but I have couple of problems. As I mentioned it is php auction script and it is already installed but every time I post new auction it appears closed as soon as I list it and when I try to upload picture from my PC to list it on the auction I get this error

    Warning: copy(/home/smarter/public_html/auction/uploaded/5e63ee29dac080a39af6b385ce6f05e8.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/sms.ebayba.com/sell.php on line 158

    Can someone help me please? I am willing even to pay someone to fix this 2 problems [email protected]
    web address is sms.ebayba.com

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    Hello looking at that error it is one category and it seems to not be set to 777. Thus you need to ftp to your server and change the permissions on the directory to 777 and its children to 777 so users can upload to that directory


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