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Unlink in IIS

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  • Unlink in IIS

    I know there are many posts about unlink() not working but ive tried everything and I cant get it to work.

    This is my command:
    $dir has the directory location
    $item is the name of the file


    I can create directories and files fine, but when I come to delete them it wont do it. Unlink always returns false.

    Im using IIS 6 w/ PHP5 on Windows Server 2003. So I tried the system( del \" \" ) command and that didnt work either.

    Im kinda new to IIS so im not sure how to check/set the permissions for the PHP script to delete a file, but do I even need to since I was able to create directories/files already?

    The file im trying to delete is a folder up from the script so the path does contain a ".." to go back a directory. Does unlink() recognize this?


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    Install apache
    You can not say you know how to do something, until you can teach it to someone else.


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      Originally posted by timgolding View Post
      Install apache
      Hehe perhaps I should have.

      But right now im stuck with this and unlink() not working is really stalling my project, any help would be appreciated.