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    I also posted this explanation image in the CSS and HTML area, because I need help in that area, along with this one.

    Everything in red is basiclly the area that needs PHP assistance. So if anyone spots an obvious script/function I can use to get my concept going, please let me know.

    For any clarification questions, either post here, or PM me.

    Work-in-progress site template:

    Image Explaining What I'm Stuck with:

    Materials Used:

    Thanks alot to anyone that responds, in advance.

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    So... how much is this job paying? And, this needs to be moved to the "Paid offers for work" forum.


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      Ah, the old assumption. This is my personal site, for a group I will be starting. I get no payment out of this work I am doing, besides gaining expirence about coding. In addition to working on this for my group, I am also coding this site, in hopes that I can get a better understanding of both CSS and PHP functions. If I were working on a job, I would have no bussiness asking for free help, and would of course ask in the appropriate area.

      However, cynical or not, thanks for the quick reply.
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        ok so you want a search box and a log in script? ever heard of google my friend?


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          Indeed I have, Google search and I are on very good terms. But Google cannot give me specific help based on a diagram, hense why I decided to post on a message board populated (I hope) by humans. :P

          All jokes aside though, I specificlly am interested in having the search function work based on meta-keywords, while the "related films + wisdom" would, in theory, work also based on metakeywords and a php-driven script to display the related articles and films.

          Agian, yes, I could both Google and Wikipedia both of those ideas, however, even if I found the information, there's quite often a part I'm confused about in the tutorial, and cannot ask for clarification. Hence agian, why I am posting this question in a forum.
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            this for the register script, as they need to register first


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              Aha! Thanks alot, this is much more specific and helpful, I'll take a look and try implementing this. Unfortantly I must first tackle the CSS and HTML issues, (posted in the other section) but once I have the design and basic areas completed, I can move on to organizational coding.

              EDIT: Hmm, actually though, upon reading this over, it's not exactly what I meant. I want the login to both log the user into the mesage board, (I'm planning to use the Simple Machines or PHPBB system) while at the same time log them into the main site, and allow them to customize specific elements of it, such as whether or not to enable the "news marque" and other optional elements.
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                yes but they still need to register before they can log in, or they wont have a username or password, or infact anything lol


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                  Okay, point taken. I'll look that over, but keep in mind, I ALSO want the sign up for the site to be combined with board signup, so that they don't have to register AGIAN just to post messages. I'd perfer it's all done in one step, saving time, and cutting down on the number of accounts that are made, but not used. Since in-active fourm accounts are ALOT easier to spot.


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                    would it just be stored in the same database/table? and then when you log them in it checks the same database as the forum database :P


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                      Hmm, that sounds like a GREAT idea. If you have an explanation, or specific tutorial of how to utillitize that, I'll add it to my list of reading. :P

                      Thanks alot to everyone so far for their help and advice.


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                        Well, register where? both places? BB? You can write a script to do anything with any of those systems. It's just a matter of gathering enough information in a stand alone script to effectively populate what is needed for the forum scripts or whatever else.

                        It does involve a little bit of hacking, but on the grand scale, it's not that difficult. A complex BB written in PHP is still only written in PHP and it's as easy to mod as anything else.

                        I know i'm not providing any "useful help" - just making sure you're aware of your options. You can get people registered and signed into the forum software without ever using the forum software just a script you wrote that dumps data into the forums db or correctly assigns a cookie required by the forum.
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