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How to hide variable in PHP

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  • How to hide variable in PHP

    Hi guys, im new to the php world.
    I just created a site www.blabla.com, however, whenever a visitor goes to the next page, it shows something like this
    i would like it that those variables not show, and blabla.com stay only.
    Any help would be appreciated... if someone can lead me in the right direction

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    i think the way to do this is to add a form or dropdown box to your site and use the POST method the instead of $_GET['cat_id'] you quite simply use $_POST['cat_id'], you get the idea? however if your using links from websites without using the form, quite simply use $_REQUEST, which will use GET and POST, if coming from a text link from site you have no choice to use GET and the link www.mysite.com/?page_id=3&cat=java, or whatever
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      I'd recommend you to leave them as they are. The site will be a l;ot more usable if the user could just copy&paste the correct URL.
      I'm not sure if this was any help, but I hope it didn't make you stupider.

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        Thanks for the quick response guys, but regardless of the fact that its easier for them to keep bookmarks, i rather mask it completely
        Another friend of mine suggested i search for a javascript that would mask the address bar, which might be a more general way or fixing this issue, or else, post will have to be the way to go, yea
        Thanks again