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Automated PHP script logs me to Yahoo email

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  • Automated PHP script logs me to Yahoo email

    I have a PHP code that logs me in directly into my yahoo account by bypassing the yahoo login page and using my own form where the user provides the username and password then it should log the user into yahoo email.

    It does take me to the address book and shows me the contact list successfully, but I cannot navigate the email after that.

    I have the code done, it might just need minor changes.
    I have the file (yahoomail.php) attached.

    Any help is appreciated
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    Careful people... this could just be a ploy to trick you into entering your own yahoo username and password in this guy's form.

    Don't fall for it!


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      Oh, no do not worry I am not here to trick people.
      I modified thread and removed the link. If your willing to help, then that is great.

      It is a challenging problem.