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Problem in Embedding windows media player 10

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  • Problem in Embedding windows media player 10

    Hi all,
    I want to embedd windows media player 10 in my web page.
    I have taken the code from MSDN ,but its not working properly.
    In w3schools the new classid is given ,i have embedded that,but is also not
    working properly.
    I want to auto check for the plugins of media player,if it is not installed in any machine.
    How can we do that in PHP
    Can u please suggest me how to embed the media player-10 in PHP.
    If u can ,Please give the embedding code to be used in PHP

    Amit Chouhan,
    [email protected]

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    Hi Amit,

    this cant be done directly in php, as plugin information is not in the header information sent from the browser to server. (HTTP_USER_AGENT only stores browser name and version, and operating system details)

    It can be done using a combination of javascript and vbscript courtesy of O'reilly and Apple Developer Connection the results of which can be stored and manipulated(in php) using cookies/sessions or post/get
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      Thanx slushy,

      Thanx a lot for the link provided by you.
      I got much help from the links.

      Thanx again for giving your precious time.

      Amit Chouhan
      [email protected]