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Guys need badly help

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  • Guys need badly help

    Dir sirs
    i am not familiar with scripts i instal a tell a friend script from BigLickMedia.com
    and i install it to my serveur it is a small program but very good one i send 2 email that belong to me (i was testing one yahoo anathor hotmail both span on) but none arrive but the notified email arrive help please guys


    god bless dany

  • #2
    I tested it on myself and got the recommendation from a friend.
    I of course, can't test the notification though, as it must be your email.
    My test name was Bill Anderson (if you need to check it).

    I'm suspecting your email filters are putting the emails into a bulk or spam
    email bin. Check that for the emails.



    • #3
      to Bill Anderson

      Thank you for your time yes i got the notification but about yahoo and hotmail the bulk mail is on and i got no email


      • #4
        why not show some of the code of the script you installed? then we can ammend your code,


        • #5
          Dany ...

          I just sent another one to someone that uses Prodigy, which
          is now ATT/Yahoo. They access their email from Yahoo.com.

          It worked just fine.

          It's gotta be a spam/bulk bin problem.

          You're not just posting this problem to get people to
          visit the site and send emails are you?