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    I just needed to sent mails (to a group) that is a web page.I created the php script that uses the mail function and it is doing fine in personal mail boxes.The issue is in outlook it is showing as html tags.

    This is a problem as the gourp to which I am senting this mail have company id's and they would be viewing in outlook.

    What took me till here : Steps History that I took->
    First I tried:

    Created the web page and put in my root folder.Then opened outlook and created a new mail as web page.It asked for URL and I gave the URL as to my web page in folder.It loaded fine and also received fine but it had attachments of the images in the web page also with mail.(The mail content is as desired but only this attachment was a problem.)
    Then what i did:
    Created a small php script that takes the html as body and emails it using mail function of php.This is doing fine in mail boxes like personal or official but if it is been viewed with third party clients then is shows html tags. Y I don't know.Plz any help with this wo7uld be appreciated.
    Now, I tried senting it after forwarding from my personal account to one of my friends companyid and he recived it fine. This was then sent to as a new mail and unfortunately the images went as attached.
    I do not have any clue but sincerely would accept advice so that I can know my mistake and correctly sent the mails to mailing list.

    Waiting anxiously for a reply.

    Harish Balakrishnan Marar