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  • Need Search Function....

    First off I would like to say hello. Hello!

    Now for the matter at hand. I recently downloaded and got this "inventory management software" up and running, smoothly. You can find the program at http://www.inventory-management.org . I need a VERY important function implemented into this software, SEARCH. I need the search to MAINLY search part of "part numbers" or whole "part numbers". If you can get it to search that, that would be great but if you think of any other features the search can accomplish that would be even greater! I can't figure out for the life of me why the author failed to include a search.

    My knowledge of PHP only consists of MODDING phpbb forums with detailed instructions. I do that well, but I have no idea about programming.

    If you can help me, I'd GREATLY APPRECIATE it!!!

    THANKS in advance!