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Which Weblog(PHP) is the best?

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  • Which Weblog(PHP) is the best?

    I intend to host my weblog using PHP and MySQL, does anyone know which is the best?Thanks very much.

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    i'm using bBlog at the moment but i've only just started using it....

    have a look at http://itsonlybarney-blog.tollfreepage.com/
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      The most commonly used are:
      CuteNews (Flatfile)

      I use my own script from tutorials at DDG which makes it more customizable
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        Personally, I'd create my own.
        I downloaded and installed a wordpress onto my localhost here to test it out, as I heard it mentioned a few times. However, not only is it overly complex for its usage, due to its overcomplexity its also rather long on loading times. Not to mention that, but if I were new to the internet usage (not the programming sides of it, but the usage side of it), I would find it tough to navigate the control panel, as things I expect to find in some places I would find in others. Without any help menu or documentation, it would be tough to say where I may find what I was looking for.
        It is however stable from my testing of it, with no obvious flaws or holes in the coding. This is of course a good thing.
        So.... I would use this as an integration to my site if I were to add on a third party software, but if your knowledge of php isn't strong, I'd say it may give you difficulties on heavy level integration. Cutenews, though I've never used it, would probably be easier to integrate if your using a flat file system as opposed to the database. It would be easy to convert as well.
        Thats my 2 cents on that one.
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