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Array problem

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  • Array problem

    Alright, I'm storing shopping cart in my database as productid:quantity;

    So for example, 4:1;5:2; would mean 1 Product 4 and 2 Product 5s

    I've been using this script:

    PHP Code:
    $cart explode(';',$cart);

    foreach (
    $cart as $key => $value) {

    $stock_id=substr($cart[$key], 01); // Product
    $qty=substr($cart[$key], -11); // Qty 
    However, I just realized this won't work for double digits, IE 10:1;

    How can I say, grab all digits before the colon or after the colon, or is there just an easier way to be working with this array?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Explode it again.
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      serialize() and then store them.
      I'm not sure if this was any help, but I hope it didn't make you stupider.

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