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Can mod_rewrite be done in PHP?

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  • Can mod_rewrite be done in PHP?

    I want to be able to make my URL's look neater but I don't want to muck around with Apache and change the mod_rewrite.

    Is there any way of doing this in PHP?

    If not, can PHP come up with links like:


    Instead of:



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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by URLs looking "neater". Could you elaborate on that?

    Also, if:

    is supposed to be replaced by:

    Do you not lose the values blah and blah2? How do you plan to incorporate them?

    If you're wanting to make your URLs neater in the sense that you don't have a bunch of parameters after the PHP file, then you may consider using POST instead of GET. GET will pass all the parameters from your form to the address bar as a URL, whereas POST will pass your parameters implicitly, and they will be available in the $_POST array.

    So to get blah, you would use $_POST["topic"].

    Hope that makes sense, hopefully someone else can assist you if need be.

    Good luck,


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      you can use .htaccess files. Its very easy to do! take a look at http://www.codetricks.com/article.php?cat=&id=12
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        That article looks about right. Thanks

        That's if I can persuade my host to let me have a look at the .htaccess


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          nb - ForceType only works on Unix Apache, not Windows Apache.
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            ForceType does work on win32 (at least on apache2/XP/2K)

            but if you are not allowed to modify your .htaccess file you can still use search-engine friendly URL's although they then end up looking like ..


            I then use the contents of $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] to work out the passed data though $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] works just as well.

            beware relative links in your code when using such techniques !, e.g. in the page shown by the sample url above , './images/img.gif' will no longer be valid ... though '../../images/img.gif' will be , so use absolute paths where you can or design a prefix system for your relative links ..
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