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My hunt for a ChatRoom.....

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  • My hunt for a ChatRoom.....

    ....i've spent the last 2 days, trying out various chatrooms, and I have yet to come across one that I or my members would like.

    So....I come here asking for help. Do you know of a good chatroom?

    My Needs:

    Free to download (to be installed onto the server)
    No refreshing (if possible)
    Easy to customise (colours etc)

    All the ones I have come across and tried either are not free, refresh every so many seconds, or just outright look awful (bad design).

    If I had the PHP knowledge, I would attempt to create one myself (as they all say ).

    Any links, advice, would be appreciated, cause at the moment i'm not getting anywhere. I don't really want to use a chatroom in Java, but if you know of a good one that meets my needs, please post it anyway


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    I wanted to build a chat room at the time.
    The result of my search was :

    1 - all Non refreshing chat engines were CGI-JAVA oriented, or were Flash Chat rooms

    2 - all of the premade ones are pretty ugly.

    3- If you want to build your own and add it to your server, you better know Java.

    I ended up making a Flash-PHP-mySQL chat room. But then again, to keep integrity into refreshing, it was quite impossible without using Java .

    SO if you're ok with using Flash, there are a great tool especially made for socket-service:

    (the free version lets you use up to 20 connections at the time)

    As I said, I may be wrong, and a recent search got this returned as socket-servers and PHP. I didn't read those yet, but you should sure take a look:

    Founded in 1997, DEVShed is the perfect place for web developers to learn, share their work, and build upon the ideas of others.

    http://odbcsock.sourceforge.net/faq.html ]
    http://odbcsock.sourceforge.net/faq.html [/URL]
    (ODCB server with XML for PHP client)



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      Thanks for the info. Will have a read