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    hi all,
    morning to u all(at least it's morning here)...i kinda need some advice from any of u or guidance...u see...i am building a web that has SMS(Short Message Services) related stuff. now u see....i have a members registration form and after the user has filled up their particulars and clicked confirm/send...it will go to a page and says "thank you..bla bla bla".....now...at the same time.....this system will send a SMS to the user and the administrators of the site...so....how do i do this?i am totally lost...is there a code?

    pls help...as it's urgent.....thanking u all in advance.
    Warm Regards,

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    You could just have it send a short email to the phone's email address, usually phone#@service.com, i.e.

    [email protected]


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      thanks for replying.....but that's not what i want. it has to be a flexible sms service...that means to any mobile provider. ok..i have a webpage about this stuff...but still not too sure how to do it....mebbe u can help or ANYONE out there in the world can.

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        SMS Through Web

        Basically if you are not building your own SMS gateway (something like Kannel at www.kannel.org) then you must follow the following ways:

        1. Sign up with the SMS provider (just like the csoft.co.uk that you posted early on). That would mean you have to open an account with them and pay some money also.

        2. These SMS gateway providers normally sell in terms of bulks, say 1000 SMS, so you buy what you need.

        3. They will provide you the code (VB, ASP, or PHP) to connect to their gateway, and your job is just to design your own forms that can integrate with those codes. Well then, it's done.


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          WebSMS used to be really simple some years ago... until the phone companies (atleast around here) realized everyone was using free SMS services. :P Since then they've screwed around so you have to use their stuff... It's a real shame. Good old MTNSMS...