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Simple text link click "downloads" counter?!?

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  • Simple text link click "downloads" counter?!?

    Someone please help Iv been looking all over for just a SIMPLE text counter than counts the number of times a link has been clicked.. thats it.. all it displays is a number please help!

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    make your download link point to a php file..

    PHP Code:
    <?$count implode'' , @file('/downloads/filename.zip.counter' ) ) ;?>
    <a href="blah.com/download.php?file=filename.zip>download</a> (<?=$count;?> downloads to date)
    then in download.php ..

    PHP Code:
    //check its a file & USE ABSOLUTE PATH
    if( file_exists'/home/username/downloads/'.$_REQUEST[file] ) ){
    $count trimimplode'' file('/downloads/'.$_REQUEST[file].'.counter' ) ) );
    $fp fopen'/downloads/'.$_REQUEST[file].'.counter' 'w' ) ;
    fputs$fp , ($count+1) ) ;
    fclose$fp ) ;
    not tested but shoud be close
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      yeh.... im not very smart... in this php stuff anything alittle simpler? lol.. or maybe a guide to installing it?