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Cant send total variable to email

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  • Cant send total variable to email


    I've got a simple shopping cart at

    When you go to the checkout how do i send the "Total $" amount to my email when i submit the form.

    my form allready works. it sends me the name email etc - just won't send me the $totalCost variable. Heres is the PHP that the form goes to when submit is clicked.




    include ("db.php");

    __//create short variable names





    __$toaddress = '[email protected]';

    __$subject = 'Feedback from web site';

    __$mailcontent = 'Customer name: '.$name."\n"

    _________________.'Customer email: '.$email."\n"

    _________________."Customer comments: \n".$feedback."\n"

    ________________ ."Customer price: \n".$totalCost."\n";

    __$fromaddress = 'From: [email protected]';

    __mail($toaddress, $subject, $mailcontent, $fromaddress);




    __<title>Bob's Auto Parts - Feedback Submitted</title>



    <h1>Feedback submitted</h1>

    <p>Your feedback has been sent.</p>




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    where is the totalCost variable coming from ? is it a field in your form ? if so check it is being populated/spelt correctly/not duplicated etc

    though really you should be calculating your costs at the scripts runtime & not relying on the form input as someone can quite easily spoof that with their own idea of the right cost
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