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populating a select box based on other selections

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  • populating a select box based on other selections

    I have a form with a select box. Based on the resulting selection in that box I want to populate the next select box... is there any easy way to do this?

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    without refreshing the page ? no , at least not easy though I think it may be possible with javascript with some jiggery pokery ? , with just PHP alone you would need to refresh the page sending a variable(s) with enough data to populate the select.
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      It also depends on where you're getting the data from to populate the box. For example, if you're getting it from a database then you'll need to use PHP (or some other server-side language...). But if yu're going to populate the select box with hard coded data, then Javascript is all you need.

      One approach, though it may not be a great one since people snooping your source will see just about all the data in your database, could be:
      -Query the different possibilities from your database and store each result set in a Javascript array. Then you can use pure Javascript to populate the select box as necessary with the different arrays (hence your data from your database).

      If you need more specific help, just ask.

      Hope that helps,