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  • site statistics in db vs text file

    i currently put my visitor ip info into a db and was thinking about expanding the amount of data i capture by adding os, etc, etc. the few posts i've seen regarding this topic all put their data into a text file. is there a reason for this? is there a reason i shouldn't be putting this info into a db?


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    not that I can think of!

    Might be most others do it because then you don't need a real DB....

    Some might say a db would be overkill...I say go for it.


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      I use a txt file and check it in the browser. I track IP address, date, and page that they visit on my site. After a week or so I delete the file and keep an I on the new one. In my case a DB is not needed.

      Most of my viewers go to my index page and then leave.

      Leonard Whistler
      Leonard Whistler


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        I do both ~

        I log page hits to a text file & then weekly via cron (or manually) I run a script that parses and empties the logfile & updates the DB with processed stats.

        I do not think there is a winner in the DB vs flatfile competition for logging & which is prefereable would depend on the site structure and how dynamic the page content is , e.g. if you have a load of pages that are basically static it seems a waste to connect to a DB just for logging , writing the file is quicker .. however if you already have an open connection for most of your pages then you may as well use it !
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