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  • Countdown Timer

    I've been trying to add a countdown timer to my signature on another board, and can not seem to come up with a way to do it.

    The issue is that most boards don't let you use javascript in your signatures, so i'm looking for alternatives. Does anyone know if I can do something similar with php or even some other way?

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    an iframe?
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      Well, I'm still struggling with it. I'd like to show the timer counting down, and I havent' found anything other than javascript timers that do that.

      Are you referring to placing the javascript inside an iframe? Or some other type of code, such as a php or other script. I'm trying that now, but i'm on a real bad dialup, and can't work well. But from what I've been able to try, it still didn't work in the signature of a message board.


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        As long as you know that php won't update and will only show the server time? It won't count down unless the page refreshes


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          Ok, So php won't work then as the timer would only update upon screen refreshes, and I'd like to show counting down continuously.

          Does anyone of any alternatives other than javascript to create a countdown timer than? Has anybody here tried to include a small javascript in there signatures? I would believe it won't work, as its a securty setting in the board settings.

          I'm thinking that it may be doable using flash, but don't know how a bulletin board will like it.


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            I was able to do it with a countdown timer that was created in Flash, and then to embed the file into a signature.